We thought the atmosphere was really good. It seemed like putting the courts in the middle of the city, was a really good idea when it comes to spectators. Futhermore it was nice for us players as well, having places where you could easily go and get some food and something to drink. It was also nice that you were able to see all 3 courts within a small area, and in general the atmosphere was good. We liked it, and also the fact we could walk to the courts within 10 minutes.We didnt get to see that much of the city. But of what we saw, it was nice! We went out to eat 3 times, and everyone came home happy. Futhermore the wheater was with us, and having sun almost 90% of the time was amazing. Us in the team talked about, that maybe we wanted to come at some time.

Martin Vilstrup Jr AndersenHEI BeachHandball